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(1). An investment in FUTURENEERS™ CAPITAL (the “Company”) is by invitation only,  subject to certain conditions, to selected persons who fall within one of the specified categories listed in Section 96(1) (a) and (b) of the Companies Act, to whom the offer will be specifically addressed, and by whom the offer will be capable of acceptance. It is not an offer, or an invitation or solicitation of an offer, to the general public to subscribe for, or otherwise acquire Ordinary Shares of the Company in any jurisdiction.

(2). IMPORTANT:  Invited investors are advised that investing in Venture Capital is by nature high risk and that their returns cannot be guaranteed.  Investors should seek professional advice before investing since the loss of their capital is a possibility. They should also carefully read the Company’s Private Placement Memorandum, which is available at request.Please note that nothing included on this website constitutes or should be construed as advice (whether legal, tax, investment, accounting or otherwise) provided to potential investors.  Interested investors are urged to consult their advisors should they require advice in evaluating investment in the company.This website does not contain all the information necessary to fully evaluate any investment opportunity and it should not be solely relied upon. Any investment decisions should be made based solely upon appropriate due diligence and upon receipt and careful review of relevant offering documents, including the Private Placement memorandum, which is available at request. 

(3). Website visitors should neither treat nor rely on the contents of the website as advice relating to legal, taxation or investment matters and are advised to consult their own professional advisers.This website includes information obtained from publicly available information and from third party sources considered to be reliable. Whilst this information is provided in good faith, it is not, and does not purport to be comprehensive and has not been independently verified. 

(4). FUTURENEERS™ CAPITAL  is not a registered “collective investment scheme” under the Collective Investment Scheme Control Act,2002,and nothing in this document should be construed as constituting an offer to “members of the public” for an opportunity to invest in a collective investment scheme in South Africa.Registration of the Company as a VCC (“Venture Capital Company”) in accordance with Section 12J of the Income Tax is currently pending.The Company is licensed as a Financial Services Provider in terms of Section 8 of the FAIS Act, 2002 (Act no 37 of 2002) – License number 46996.
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